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Travel Gracefully on 2RRR FM 88.5 Thursdays 11:00 am

A little announcement today 15th June at 11:00 am my time Sydney EST Australia, I’m going to chat on air 2RRR 88.5 FM with a friend Maree who is a Flight Attendant and has some funny little stories to tell us. There’s a ‘Listen Online Now’ link on http://www.2rrr.org.au  for the Travel Gracefully program on Thursday mornings over the next few weeks.

Listen in as Maree tells us what are some of the requirements these days for being a Flight Attendant.

I remember waiting to attend an interview in the lobby for a Flight Attendant position many, many years ago and whilst we were all nervous, a fellow returned from the men’s room and sat opposite me. As we smiled at each other, I went over and said quietly to him, “I think you’d better do up your fly”.

Sydney – A Weekend of Sculpture, Architecture and Art.

So what do you do in between trips? Of course, you visit your own city and enjoy a weekend of Sculpture, Architecture and Art.

2016’s Sculpture by the Sea enjoyed its 20th year of presenting some of the most thought-provoking ideas when artists and influencers took to the stage at Bondi to Tamarama’s annual event. From October to the first weekend in November each year, it’s a showcase of inspirational, moulded and mostly recycled relics which draw thousands to the area for their perusal and appraisal.

Sang- Sug Kim, The Window of the Future, Sculpture by the Sea

Hoo Roo! Richard Tipping, Kangoroo.

There you are? Silvia Tuccimei, Flower Power.

Tamarama is affectionately nicknamed Glamarama (or Glamourama) by the locals, as it is a beach where wannabe trend setters come to sunbathe and swim or simply try to be seen. Doesn’t matter  if you start at Bondi or Tamarama, my advice is to go early as the pathway fills quickly during the day with onlookers.

This sculpture of a rhino buried in the sand of Tamarama Beach (whose belly children loved climbing over) raises awareness of the plight of these beautiful, vulnerable creatures who are threatened by poaching. ‘Buried Rhino’ has been gaining media attention across the world, in particular South Africa where it was on the front page of the Cape Times in Cape Town.

Source: http://sculpturebythesea.com/

Wynyard Station’s Exit 4 leads you to Barangaroo and is easy access with an underground walkway to start my day. The Open Sydney Event organised by the Sydney Living Museums was a bi-annual event, however its popularity will foresee it being held each year going forward.

Within Sydney’s newest commercial precinct of Barangaroo, there’s some of the finest views over the harbour and here looking out at White Bay Cruise Terminal – wouldn’t be  hard coming to this workspace each day …

The Streets of Barangaroo aims to be the first climate-positive precinct of this size in the world and Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral CBD precinct within its confines. New shops are being opened within and a plethora of eateries and coffee shops can’t go unnoticed, especially if you’re on the go all day – take plenty of water with you.

The Bond Building just further along from Barangaroo, is a nine-level building which has floor-to-ceiling windows to its Hickson Road façade. Fitted with aluminium solar louvres, which repel heat and allow natural, controllable light into its office areas.

Inside The Bond, Its large sandstone cutface, one of many on Hickson Road was incorporated into the development as a stunning natural feature within the central atrium.

View from Arup Studios and Workshop located at 201 Kent Street, Sydney.

Arup came to Sydney to help deliver the Sydney Opera House and continues to shape the city today, contributing to many of the buildings featured in Sydney Open

The heritage-listed Glover Cottages in Millers Point are a rare surviving example of colonial Georgian architecture. They were first occupied by Thomas Glover, a miner from Somerset transported to Australia aged 19 for stealing a rabbit.

Walking along, The Glover cottages are located on an artificial rock shelf on the east side of Kent Street. This rock shelf may have been created by quarrying from 1810 to 1830.

A Post Box along the way for any of those prized post cards from the best harbour in the world.

Sydney’s Harbour. Yes I know I’m biased, but it’s true – just look at this November day.

The Argyle Steps in Argyle Street was named by Gov. Macquarie after County Argyle in Scotland, the place where he grew up. In the early years of Sydney, The Rocks was a divided community separated by a rugged and steep rocky outcrop which forms the ridge of the peninsular to the west of Sydney Cove.

Foyer of Ernst and Young with natural light and open space, makes a great reprieve when wanting to take a rest. You’ll need to wear your running shoes on if you think you’re going to see all the buildings in one day.

E & Y Building’s exterior. Opened in June 2016, Mirvac’s 200 George Street, known as EY Centre, is one of a new breed of skyscrapers designed to make a more considered contribution to both streetscape and skyline.

One of only two World Heritage sites in central Sydney, Hyde Park Barracks was built by convicts, for convicts, and designed by a famous former convict – the architect Francis Greenway.

Charged with forgery and sentenced to death in England, Greenway had been transported to New South Wales, where his skill as an architect was quickly put to use by Governor Macquarie in his ambitious public works program. Appointed the young colony’s first Government Architect in 1816, Greenway wasted no time completing Hyde Park Barracks in 1819, after just two years of construction.

Source: Sydney Living Museums

Opening of Nude at the Art Gallery of NSW took place on the same weekend for members with art from London’s Tate Collection. Renowned and memorable works from Picasso, Matisse, Bonnard and Bacon make it worthy of a visit and on show until 5th February, 2017.

Happy New Year, 2016

Yes, another year ahead is now upon us for 2016,
Let laughter, tears, travel and safety set the scene.
Even at times when our lives are just simply chaotic;
This year, take time out to enjoy the curious and exotic.

Amongst our busy lives, there will always be an element of danger.
Never, ever let your friends and close ones to you be a stranger.
You may at times feel life is forging you to feel adrift …
And, it’s important to seek those who enlighten and give you an uplift.

Me? I’ll be equipping myself trying to coiffe and tame the frizzy mane,
And, looking for an out this year to experience another bus, train or plane.
Whichever way we wish to direct our wondrous life,
Don’t forget, not to perpetually judge those who aren’t always in tune and a bit rife.

Although there may be times we feel astonished and life’s a mystical fog,
Come what may, I’m just happy to take off, write and blog …
To all my friends I hope you enjoy life’s roller coaster till you’re blue …
And, in the meantime raise your glass to those who appreciate a toast or two!

Happy New Year.

Written by Grace Lech (c)
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Twitter @TravelGraceful1

Bye Sydney – Hello World 2015

Harbour - Copy
Bye for now Sydney. Although it’s a magical time of the year with Spring about to arrive, I’m also looking forward to visiting countries like Canada with the change of Autumn colours about to reveal its charm.

P1150497 (5)
But before I head off, this last week meant catching up with friends. Nic and his new pooch Percy who is checking to see if there are any other doggies ‘in da hood’.

It doesn’t matter how many different shades of grey you wear in Enmore and Newtown, you’ll always feel at home here, with lots of dogs and their owners – everywhere.

I’m having a walk around my neighbour  taking some shots – just in case I become homesick whilst away. However, there’s more exposure to graffiti artist’s work in the Inner West than anywhere else I’ve seen so far. This is the beginning of work a few weeks ago of the old Newtown RSL.

This is what it looks like today. Not too shabby ‘eh? Great to be in an area whereby it allows creative minds to be somewhat more productive rather than destructive.

Just had a coffee but … I could have another?

The local council here allows artists to partake in this activity which presents some really impressive artwork from those who are truly gifted.

The “I Have a Dream” (Martin Luther King) mural, painted over two nights in August 1991, is the largest, most prominent and the longest-surviving of the many large format murals created around Newtown by the team known as Unmitigated Audacity Productions. The core members of which were New Zealand-born Canadian artist Andrew Aiken and his colleague Juilee Pryor.


The “Africa” mural in King Street was originally painted in the early 1990s. The large work occupies the entire side wall of an African restaurant, located between the Newtown Mission and the Commonwealth Bank. The first version was reproduced from an old map printed by the Australian firm Chas. Scally & Co., most likely dating from the 1960s.


The signage up the road states “Better Read than Dead”. I totally agree.


Point taken!

Catching up at another art scene with two special friends, Julie and Catherine who’ve been instrumental in their support of my blogging. Having read my travel yarns since the inception of the internet, at least now they (and you) can see what’s happening and be an armchair traveller too.


Quiz question: Are these people in Sydney going to the Inner West? Answer: No
How do I know? They’re all lined up nice and orderly for the bus. If you see this ever happen in my neighbourhood, you might think a space ship has landed and everyone’s been zapped.

P1150552 (2)
Chatting with Lia Crowley at 2RRR about destinations, hints and general travel advice on breakfast radio last week. I’ll be back on air after a two-month blogging trip with NZ up first and heading onto Anaheim, followed by the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer rail journey. And, if you think I can’t seem to take in enough rail travel, continuing across Canada towards the Eastern Seaboard with Via Rail.

NYC will be the last part of the itinerary within the USA. Stay tuned and you can follow me as a travel agent with tips and tricks for travelling with my Facebook page Travel Gracefully.

A Day Out in Vivid Sydney 2015

Last day of Vivid Sydney 8th June, 2015 and exhibition – The Photograph and Australia at the Art Gallery (AGNSW).

An afternoon to view some of the oldest and most unique photographs of early Australiana at the AGNSW.

Photographs of the exhibition weren’t permitted, but a chance to take your own in a booth …


Aboriginal art is always on display at the Gallery and is free to everyone who visits.


Across the road from AGNSW is Speaker’s Corner – a little light entertainment and a sit down for the afternoon once you’ve finished at the AGNSW. Here’s where you can have your ‘two-bobs worth’.

Then head down to the Harbour for some sun and wind in your hair.

The Coat Hanger needs no introduction.

And as day turned into night, the Opera House looked far more exciting at night!
Colours and patterns changed constantly – very impressive and a must see if you happen to be in Sydney at this time of year. Various locations across the city take part and light up.

Customs House had everyone enthralled.

Children were mesmerised and really, really quiet …
Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) turned into a Rubik’s Cube of sorts!


Time to head off home, but not before bashing a few drums along the way at Martins Place.