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Travel Gracefully on 2RRR FM 88.5 Thursdays 11:00 am

A little announcement today 15th June at 11:00 am my time Sydney EST Australia, I’m going to chat on air 2RRR 88.5 FM with a friend Maree who is a Flight Attendant and has some funny little stories to tell us. There’s a ‘Listen Online Now’ link on http://www.2rrr.org.au  for the Travel Gracefully program on Thursday mornings over the next few weeks.

Listen in as Maree tells us what are some of the requirements these days for being a Flight Attendant.

I remember waiting to attend an interview in the lobby for a Flight Attendant position many, many years ago and whilst we were all nervous, a fellow returned from the men’s room and sat opposite me. As we smiled at each other, I went over and said quietly to him, “I think you’d better do up your fly”.