Happy New Year, 2016

Yes, another year ahead is now upon us for 2016,
Let laughter, tears, travel and safety set the scene.
Even at times when our lives are just simply chaotic;
This year, take time out to enjoy the curious and exotic.

Amongst our busy lives, there will always be an element of danger.
Never, ever let your friends and close ones to you be a stranger.
You may at times feel life is forging you to feel adrift …
And, it’s important to seek those who enlighten and give you an uplift.

Me? I’ll be equipping myself trying to coiffe and tame the frizzy mane,
And, looking for an out this year to experience another bus, train or plane.
Whichever way we wish to direct our wondrous life,
Don’t forget, not to perpetually judge those who aren’t always in tune and a bit rife.

Although there may be times we feel astonished and life’s a mystical fog,
Come what may, I’m just happy to take off, write and blog …
To all my friends I hope you enjoy life’s roller coaster till you’re blue …
And, in the meantime raise your glass to those who appreciate a toast or two!

Happy New Year.

Written by Grace Lech (c)
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