Onwards to Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher – Switzerland

From Avignon to Geneva the TGV travels directly and a confirmed reservation is always required. There are two main stations in Avignon whereby the Avignon Centre is directly in front of the main thoroughfare for eateries/restaurants and shopping once you step past the main gates of the walled city. Avignon TGV Station is about a five minute ride from Avignon Centre with regular services going between.

Lausanne or Lucerne Switzerland – any aspiring young travel consultant might like to learn the difference, almost always a geography test question.

Heading towards Bern and skirting around the perimeter of Lake Geneva near Lausanne, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

The exquisite and lovely Hotel Bellevue at Interlaken is a family owned and managed hotel. Just off the main thoroughfare; it’s quiet and a very handy location near shops and eateries. Generally, when you stay at a hotel in Interlaken they will provide you with a visitor’s card which allows you to travel free on local bus and train services.

Room with a fabulous view at the Bellevue Hotel overlooking the Alps. Interlaken West railway station is a two-minute walk from here and really convenient.

Sometimes you just can’t believe your luck – the night before was the first sprinkling of snow for Switzerland heading into winter.

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Headed up to Grindelwald for the day with long-time Swiss friend Anne from Bern.

Snow was just heavy enough for clearance the next morning.

Grindelwald has some wonderful little cafes and restaurants and only a short drive from Interlaken.