Nusa Lembongan. Resorts and Spas of Bali, Indonesia.

Let the adventure begin. Greetings from the Manager Mr. Pande after my driver delivered me from the morning pick up run enroute to Lembongan Island. I was looking forward to some warm air and cool waves lapping at the shores of Mushroom Bay. Don’t worry no magic mushrooms to be found …

With Bali Hai Cruises, it’s an easy day out for day trippers or if staying at the stunning Bali Hai Tide Resort for a few day’s break, then this is definitely a seamless experience.

Nusa Lembongan is an island located southeast of Bali, approximately 14 nautical miles.

A safety briefing and some morning tea for a two-hour (give or take) ferry crossing. As always, depending on the winds and sea swell it might be quicker. But it’s always best to simply relax and enjoy the ride.

A smooth transit across to Lembongan from Benoa Harbour allows us to have a bird’s-eye view of the Bali Hai Tide Resort and appreciate the calm sea surrounding it. Ideal for families without worrying too much about rough, choppy waters. This white sandy stretch around the resort is a much safer option than many other popular beach areas of Bali.

Guests here can enjoy knowing that their accommodation is private and secluded. A quiet retreat in the heart of the resort’s landscaped gardens is just the fix most guests need.

If you’ve always loved bure style accommodation, then you won’t be disappointed with the interior’s homely feel, but also an outdoor setting below allows guests to harbor their swim and sport’s wear.

Did someone say a private pool only for guests? Yes exclusively and it’s a very deep pool too. At three metres at one end and people who are tall (like me) have to swim whether they like it or not!

A very healthy and delicious buffet lunch is served for all guests. Plenty to choose from and if in doubt, take a little from everything and go back for the goodies liked the most.

Or you can head down to the beach and take part in some activities; such as a glass-bottom boat viewing of the blue opal-look-alike water’s hidden treasures. Youngsters love this. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, there’s a hive of enthusiasm as the off-shore pontoon and Beach Club are well and truly patronised.

Saturday night at the movies. Outdoor seating for guests and nearby, the eateries of which you can also bring your drinks across and simply enjoy an evening under the stars – while watching a few acting on screen as well.

Take the opportunity to explore Lembongan with a free tour around the island which is offered to guests who stay at the Bali Hai Tide Resort. Definitely worthy of breaking yourself away from the beach and pool.

And drumroll please … Bali Hai Tide Resort is on the right side of the island for the most stunning sunsets. Not just on this day, but every day. View is from the restaurant whereby as a guest you’ll have front-row seats and away from the beachgoers. A glass of vino or beer and you’re all set for the evening’s light show.

Time to say bye to Bali Hai Tide Resort and next stop is the Acala Shri Sedana just further up the hill.

Looking from the Acala (pronounced Achala) Shri Sedana’s Reception upon arrival, you immediately gain a sense of Zen enlightenment. The view is far reaching across the escarpment out to the sea which in turn changes throughout the day with the tides.

Private Pool Villa? When you’re an overseas visitor who’s travelled from near or far, why not give in to some luxury and quiet time. The Classic Pool Villa is value for money whilst ensuring a retreat which has a delightful garden setting surrounding the pool. Aww and look at that day bed… a much loved novel is all you need and some chill-out music.

Natural light is what all Aussies love and this cool villa is an excellent choice for honeymooners seeking privacy and comfort. Netting to discourage any flying passers-by ensuring a sound night’s sleep.

Next up on my list? Two units of the Rooftop Pool Villa category which are perched at the southern area of the resort. Here they provide a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and the Yellow Bridge in the distance.

Comprising of exclusive pavilions, there’s free Wi-Fi throughout the resort so you won’t be totally disconnected. Situated on the East side of the Island it’s where you can watch the sun rising over the undulating hills and resident’s rooftops in the foreground. Stairs are the only accessible means of the lower levels and of course a way of building up that appetite.

 A romantic canopied bed, plunge pool and lounging pavilion make it the perfect option for honeymooners or couples looking to spend some quality time alone together.

The Jala Restaurant is a scenic spot by the swimming pool that is open for all-day dining. It serves a versatile menu of elegant cuisine highlighted by locally sourced seafood and seasonal delicacies.

The Acala has a bus service which runs around the local area three times a day for guests. This offers an outlet for an experience of what’s going on outside of the luxury and comfort of the resort. Always great to return though and enjoy that cool pool villa …

And as much as I’d love to stay at these two properties, time to move onto the next set of accommodation styles. If you’re looking for a particular budget, then stay with me for a few nights at Legian to check out the scene in Bali.