Indian E-Visa for Australians

The correct online visa for Australians is given below.

Please note:

An example of questions asked, what is your parents nationality, their previous nationality  (if any) and where were they born, what countries have you visited in the last 10 years, your previous address and visa number (if any) on previous visits to India. Yes you can save and exit on the application.

Photographs are specific and you’ll be asked for a profile photo which must look like your passport photo. No smiling, front face and show the just the top of your shoulders.

If you are concerned about the E-visa you can also go into the Indian Visa Application Centre and pay an additional A$25.00 fee for assistance whilst using their computers. They can also take your photo for an added fee to ensure it will upload. You will also need to take your passport as it’s another required photo  which must be done as a pdf only.

  • Should the photos not replicate their requirements, you will need to resubmit at another costing of USD80.00 per adult.
  • There are a lot of websites pertaining to be the Government of India and actually have access to your data. Be wary as they will want to help you at an exorbitant fee.
  • The date given for a tourist visa is shown on a successful application of which you can enter the country. Be warned the second entry into India is 60 days from the first time you enter. The date is stamped in your passport – NOT the dates given on the successful application.

Suite 1A, Level 8, 189 Kent Street, Sydney

  • Please see website below for other Australian cities locations and contacts.

  • Information provided here was correct at the time of my own visa being processed. Any further enquiries should be directed to the Indian Visa Centre for clarification.