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Senetan Villas in Ubud, Bali.

I love Bali too, but once you’ve reached Ubud, you’ll really love Bali. Much quieter in comparison to Legian, Seminyak and Kuta along with interesting attractions and a peaceful ambience.

When you arrive in Ubud and your stay is a hidden gem, you kind of want to keep it that way. Lovely afternoon with a welcome brewed leaf tea, fruit platter and a traditional snack at the Senetan Villas which are approximately 30 minutes drive from Ubud town.

And, whilst enjoying your cuppa, the plausible view of the pool and manicured gardens within your own private villa is yes, all yours. Cooking facilities are available if not wanting to venture out in the evening giving choices for an inhouse soiree.

Spacious bedrooms with cool wooden features are indicative of stylish local Balinese decor. Private one and two bedrooms with a pool, the Senetan Villas offer great value for FIT, couples and families seeking a quiet space to wind down after a hectic Bali escapade of shopping, dining out and beach activities.

Wondering what could possibly be inside the wardrobe? Let’s see ….

My favourite as always. An outdoor rain shower and relaxing bath tub. What a treat with the Villa’s design making guests feel the private facilities have been created for a personal but holistic experience. There’s also dedicated Spa rooms which are near to all villas for that personalised treatment of any ailments which need attention.

Love spicy with some local produce? Try the restaurant for an evening of delightful cuisine, more traditional in flavour and the real drawcard is that you can ask for any dish to be spiced up or taken down a notch. Oh yeah, there’s fries too, they sneaked into the photo shoot.

Make sure the Body Cleansing Juice should be a beverage on your list to try out. The ingredients within has attributions of having potent antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that, the fresh tangy taste leaves you wanting more of beetroot, cucumber, celery, spinach, honey and a splash of lime. Yummo!

Set on 1.64 acres, the grounds exude peace, calm and of course Australians love the serenity. When entering the property, you will be greeted by large trees which are quite rare. Senetan being within the lush forestation is a way of reconnecting with the natural environment of Bali’s interior landscape.

Ubud Town is 30 minutes from the Senetan Villas which offer a three times a day bus service for guests to explore nearby local shops and markets. The bus operates at specific times and will return to Senetan after dropping off.

If walking around nearby and just outside the Senetan Villas there’s rice paddy fields of which you can marvel close up at just how intricate the plantings are and how much labour that goes into producing one of the world’s greatest food staples.

And at the end of the day, there’s always the thought provoking appearance of an opulent closed door and wondering where you might end up if you walked a different path and through a different serendipitous door. But one thing is for certain, I’ll definitely return to this part of Bali. If seeking tranquility and relaxation, this area is definitely worthy of a well-deserved break away from traffic, airports and overwhelming technology.

The address for the Senetan Villas is Br. Penginyahan, DS. Puhu, 80571 Payangan, Indonesia.

Next stop some attractions and tourist sites around Ubud before heading to Sanur and back to the airport.