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Farewell Fiji – Part Six

Well it’s back to the office at Qamea and time to say farewell to all the wonderful staff members and management who have looked after us.

P1110429 (2)
Sonja’s turn to supervise the luggage as it waits to be picked up.

P1110438 (2)
While waiting for our bus transfer to Matei Airport, I’m having a chat with little Vani and her grandmother who have just set up shop a couple of weeks earlier to sell bananas and other small goods.

If you like there’s a coffee or tea too.

Dropping off one of the workers as we make our way on the partial dirt road to the airport.

Back at the airport where the post office is located as well and handy for any deliveries and collections.

My turn for the jump seat and I’m not touching a thing …

Ready for take off and away we go.


Emergency – hope not.

All good.

Flying very close to the mountain range and onto Nadi airport.


Arrivals and departures are much preferred to be to the south, due to the closeness of the Sabeto mountain range to the immediate north of the airport. A large turn around area, suitable for Boeing 747s, is to the left of the threshold of Runway 02, in case meteorological factors make departure to the north necessary.


Located less then ten minutes from Nadi airport, ‘Essence of Fiji’ is a newly-opened business whereby passengers can relax and have a spa treatment before going to the airport should they need to fill in time before their departure flight. Costs are incredibly inexpensive and can be charged in either Fijian or Australian dollars. There’s an arrival and departure board which shows your flight so you can keep tabs on how the time is going and updates on any delays.

Well, it might be Welcome Home for some, but for us it’s time to return home to Australia and we’ve had the most amazing trip to an area of Fiji which has graciously given us an insight into their daily lives and we certainly feel much happier for the experience.

Taveuni Island, Fiji Part Two

What would we have done without our multi-skilled pilot Sam taking a ‘selfie’? We’d have to do our ourselves of course …

Here we’re flying over the main island of Viti Levu which is Fiji’s largest island and down below is where Fiji Water flourishes and is produced. Best natural water on the planet as far as I’m concerned and it was interesting to see shelves of it throughout European supermarkets late last year.

Heading towards Taveuni – it’s a 1 hour and 15 minute flight.

Also known as the Garden Island and third largest of the Fijian group it’s spectacular doesn’t matter which way you look.

P1100744 (3)
We’re about to land at Matei Airport.

Baggage arrival and away we go.

P1100767 (2)
Yes we were picked up and transferred to our first night stay at Paradise Taveuni and what an adventure as most of the northern part of the island is an unsealed road. It is about an hour or so by vehicle depending on the conditions.

The owners weren’t the only ones to greet us, Beethoven came along as well.

Orange juice you say? Not likely …

Beautifully manicured gardens throughout this resort.


Who needs air conditioning here!

Paradise Taveuni known for it’s close proximity to Rainbow Reef is a haven for snorkelers and diving.

Just when you think the sunset can’t be any better, there’s another one to take your heart away.


P1100876 (2)
So what to do after all the swimming, eating, watching superb sunsets? A game of Jenga is the order of the day with our own Ellie the expert, resident owner and company who care to play. Another round of Fijian 8-year old rum will do that to you!

Fiji – Frontliner’s Conference. Part One

Photo courtesy of Fiji Airways.

With Fiji Airways showing off their new uniforms and livery, we’re off to Fiji for the Frontliner’s Conference to learn more about the products, services and facilities on offer to share with our clients. And some site inspections …

IMG_8865 (2)
Right now can’t think of a better place to go.

Room with a view alright!

Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa is located on beautiful Denarau Island. This five star Fiji resort overlooks the beachfront, adjacent to the world class Denarau Golf and Racquet Club.

P1100485 (3)
And what better way to start a conference, mingling and networking at the Radisson Blu with Ellie, Karen, Liz and Julie.

P1100502 (2)
Relaxing at the Radisson. It doesn’t matter which property you stay at, the sunsets are amazingly spectacular.

P1100562 (2)
What a treat, we’ve had the pleasure of listening to the local school children’s choir at a mock footy game between Australia and New Zealand. Put this on your ‘to do list’ as the harmonies are like no other.

P1100613 (2)
Whilst staying on Denarau Island, the Bula Bus will take you around on a circuit for as little as FJD8.00 per day.

Time to split. Here with my group of specialists in various fields of travel along with our leader Carlah from Fiji Tourism, we’re heading off to Taveuni Island, third largest island of Fiji. Pilot Sam is at the ‘wheel’ of Island Hoppers regular service.

Although the island technically observes one standard timing convention, there is a marker and sign that observes the official location of the International Date Line, where visitors can straddle time by firmly setting one foot in today while the stands in the past.
the 180 degree line in Fiji is also the international date line. With a single eastward step here on Taveuni island we can leap 24 hours back into yesterday. Stepping back across the line literally brings you back to the future … For a New Years party, this would be the place to be and has been added to be “must do’ list.

Stay tuned for Part Two.