Taveuni Island, Fiji Part Two

What would we have done without our multi-skilled pilot Sam taking a ‘selfie’? We’d have to do our ourselves of course …

Here we’re flying over the main island of Viti Levu which is Fiji’s largest island and down below is where Fiji Water flourishes and is produced. Best natural water on the planet as far as I’m concerned and it was interesting to see shelves of it throughout European supermarkets late last year.

Heading towards Taveuni – it’s a 1 hour and 15 minute flight.

Also known as the Garden Island and third largest of the Fijian group it’s spectacular doesn’t matter which way you look.

P1100744 (3)
We’re about to land at Matei Airport.

Baggage arrival and away we go.

P1100767 (2)
Yes we were picked up and transferred to our first night stay at Paradise Taveuni and what an adventure as most of the northern part of the island is an unsealed road. It is about an hour or so by vehicle depending on the conditions.

The owners weren’t the only ones to greet us, Beethoven came along as well.

Orange juice you say? Not likely …

Beautifully manicured gardens throughout this resort.


Who needs air conditioning here!

Paradise Taveuni known for it’s close proximity to Rainbow Reef is a haven for snorkelers and diving.

Just when you think the sunset can’t be any better, there’s another one to take your heart away.


P1100876 (2)
So what to do after all the swimming, eating, watching superb sunsets? A game of Jenga is the order of the day with our own Ellie the expert, resident owner and company who care to play. Another round of Fijian 8-year old rum will do that to you!