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Farewell Fiji – Part Six

Well it’s back to the office at Qamea and time to say farewell to all the wonderful staff members and management who have looked after us.

P1110429 (2)
Sonja’s turn to supervise the luggage as it waits to be picked up.

P1110438 (2)
While waiting for our bus transfer to Matei Airport, I’m having a chat with little Vani and her grandmother who have just set up shop a couple of weeks earlier to sell bananas and other small goods.

If you like there’s a coffee or tea too.

Dropping off one of the workers as we make our way on the partial dirt road to the airport.

Back at the airport where the post office is located as well and handy for any deliveries and collections.

My turn for the jump seat and I’m not touching a thing …

Ready for take off and away we go.


Emergency – hope not.

All good.

Flying very close to the mountain range and onto Nadi airport.


Arrivals and departures are much preferred to be to the south, due to the closeness of the Sabeto mountain range to the immediate north of the airport. A large turn around area, suitable for Boeing 747s, is to the left of the threshold of Runway 02, in case meteorological factors make departure to the north necessary.


Located less then ten minutes from Nadi airport, ‘Essence of Fiji’ is a newly-opened business whereby passengers can relax and have a spa treatment before going to the airport should they need to fill in time before their departure flight. Costs are incredibly inexpensive and can be charged in either Fijian or Australian dollars. There’s an arrival and departure board which shows your flight so you can keep tabs on how the time is going and updates on any delays.

Well, it might be Welcome Home for some, but for us it’s time to return home to Australia and we’ve had the most amazing trip to an area of Fiji which has graciously given us an insight into their daily lives and we certainly feel much happier for the experience.