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Berlin, Germany (Revisited 2015)

Scenery from Prague to Berlin is somewhat pleasing, especially at this time of year when you’d think it’d start being grey and dismal in readiness for the winter.

Following along the river there’s a myriad of small homes which are all freestanding but seem to enjoy the community of which they’re a part of. Handy to have neighbours yet not be overshadowed by each other. Bad Schandau is a frontier station for international traffic between Germany and the Czech Republic and approaching it quite soon.

Dresden Hauptbanhoff is the first major train station in Germany of which you will pass through enroute to Berlin. Although Dresden is a favourite of mine, I’ll continue onto the capital of Germany for some more cultural investigation of which I always enjoy there.


One World Bar in Berlin – excited to see him again as he’s very close to Potsdammer Platz along Stresemannstraße.

The first time I saw the bears all together was in Sydney, March 8, 2006  and the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard opened the exhibition of United Buddy Bears.

United Buddy Bears was an international art exhibition with more than 140 two metre tall fibreglass bears. Under the motto: “We have to get to know each other better, it makes us understand one another better, trust each other more and live together more peacefully”, more than 140 countries acknowledged by the United Nations were represented, promoting “tolerance, international understanding and the great concept of different nations and cultures living in peace and harmony”.

My model for the day!

Street art just outside the Mall of Berlin, a favourite shopping precinct. Potsdammer Platz Banhoff is just on the adjacent corner and can be found easily.

Mall of Berlin – one of those must-do shopping experiences. Fantastic buys with brands and labels not always found at home.

Exhibition on the ground level of some new and innovative solar energy ideas.


Breads made in Germany are usually heavier in texture and flavour, but I find them generally filling and not feeling so hungry within a short time. Yum! Happy to be back.

The 200 m² (2,150 ft²) of the Black Box at Checkpoint Charlie informs the public on the history of this most famous border crossing point.

The external design of the pavilion refers to the two Great Powers of those days, the Soviet Union and the USA.

With the use of large-format photos and numerous media stations,  the impact of the Berlin Wall on the history of Germany is illustrated.

The entire international dimension of the division of Germany is made tangible.

Inside the perimeter of the wall.

Leaving the American sector …

Well I’m leaving Germany and onto Italy. The train service to Schönefeld  Airport takes about 40 minutes and stops quite a number of times along the way. Airlines such as Ryanair, Germanwings and a EasyJet all operate out of this airport.

Berlin’s Tegel Airport is located very close to the centre of Berlin, only eight kilometres from the city centre and the TXL bus is easy to use with a direct bus to Alexanderplatz.

Find out which S-Bahn (suburban train), U-Bahn (Underground), or bus station is closest to your accommodation and use the BVG’s website to find your quickest and best connection. Using the search option, enter your point of departure and your destination, followed by the date and time of your journey and you’ll be on your way in no time.

The most expensive boarding pass I have ever paid for!

First time ever I booked a Ryanair flight from Berlin to Bologna and the cost:

Fare Euro 15.00 and 20kgs luggage Euro25.00 = Euro 40.00

Seems a great deal, however if you didn’t check in online outside of 2 hours of them opening the check in counter then you’ll be stung. It ended up costing me an additional cool Euro 45.00. You can imagine how mad other passengers were – me included! Be warned …

Embarking Ryanair to Bologna and wondering how the flight will be …

Next stop Italy!