Good Morning Vietnam, Da Nang – Part One

Good morning Vietnam and great to be back after an eleven-year absence.

Australians require a visa and the cost is AUD95.00 per person. Or if In a hurry the same day issuance is approximately AUD170.00 – cash only at the Vietnamese Consulate located in Edgecliff, Sydney. Other nationalities reading this need to contact their own country’s Consulate for further visa information.

There’s quite a number of airlines which fly into central Vietnam and on this occasion my trip starts in Da Nang. Flying across from Hong Kong as a stopover, it’s an easy couple of hours flight with Dragonair which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific – being an affiliate member of the Oneworld airline alliance.

An early stroll along the beach area shows relatively calm water and appears to be quite clean and warm.



This funny guy telling me about the places I should visit whilst in Vietnam – very friendly and helpful.

Motorbikes are still the main mode of transport for carrying goods and passengers.

A stay at the Eden Plaza Da Nang proves to be a mixture of European Classic and modern architecture with 110 beautifully furnished rooms.

The pool area at the Eden Plaza Hotel, very clean and quiet.

Just next door to the Eden Plaza is the Military Museum. It covers all Vietnamese resistance to foreign occupation from the Chinese, the First Indochina War with the French, the Vietnam War and the current standoff with China over the Spratley Islands and the Paracel Islands.

The Museum’s opening hours are from 07:30 to 10:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30 daily except Monday. Admission is free for Vietnamese and VND 40,000 for non-Vietnamese, plus VND 10,000 to take photos.
(On today’s exchange rate VND10,000 = AUD0.62 cents.)

By far one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I’ve eaten at ever! Khu Vhdl Khong Gian Xua, Da Nang.

And the food was incredible – easy to see why the premises fills so quickly.

For dessert, sliced fruit with a combination of spices, but mostly salt and chilli. Yum!

Lovely gardens manicured to perfection.

The obligatory dragon.

Vietnam historically is one of the most interesting countries you could ever visit. Here with our guide for the next week Mr Trinh from Travel Town based in Ho Chi Minh City.



Often seen as a symbol of peace, it’s seen often and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Having a cold coffee on ice and it’s just what I love to drink on a hot day. We’re preparing to move onto Hoi An, central Vietnam.

2015-03-22 14.57.10
Luckily we’re not being transported like this family. Great to see helmets are now mandatory to wear as the last time I was in Vietnam it wasn’t the case.

Stay tuned for Part Two Hoi An.