Grasse – Fragrance Capital of the World

Grasse, France and how times have changed in the production and selling of fine fragrances.P1030304
International Perfume Museum, Grasse whereby you can learn about the history of fragrance dating back to the Egyptians and its development through various influences.

From all over the world, raw materials are sent to Grasse to be treated.

How it was …

A Perfumer is affectionately known as the ‘Nose’ and takes up to three years of training.

Being shown around the Museum; here are some plants which allow people to see the beginnings of a fragrance’s composition.

Also owned by the Museum is the beautiful gardens and parkland whereby you can hire out this space for functions and conferences.

Rows of lavender are only one part of the magnificent gardens.

Time for lunch – people can visit and bring a packed basket of goodies to enjoy.

I’m having lunch with Franck and Pascale along with some lively conversation.

Moving onto one of Grasse’s viewing points, to the south only 15 km away, is the city of Cannes with its yachts, fine-sand beaches and luxury shopping. To the east, about a 30-minute drive away is Nice, with its international airport, pebble beaches and the bustle of a busy city.

Starting at the Tourism Office Place de la Buanderie, you can discover the Medieval City by following the brass emblems in the street which mark the path to follow, aided by a map offered free of charge at the tourism office. Here Phillipe my guide shows an unnamed beauty outside the Cathedral which overseas Grasse and its surrounds.

It doesn’t matter which way you look, the buildings are historically significant in the architecture and design of the region.

Market in the city centre with an array of cafes and restaurants.

Now I’m at the Perfumery, House of Molinard and prices are quite reasonable for lovely French fragrances. Unable to buy in Australia I’m afraid.

It’s fun watching a bartender mix a cocktail, but here we’re learning the art of mixing the top, middle and base ingredients for our personalised concoction. You write down your own creation in case you perfect your dream scent and want to remember it.

And, here’s my creation with a Diploma as proof! Umm smells divine and like no other. Of course, I’ll call it Travel Gracefully …