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Vanuatu Local Highlights and Farewell.

High School students from Auckland, NZ giving up a week of their break to volunteer at a local school. They’ll be helping with reading, writing, painting and general assistance with teaching staff.

Feel safe walking around Port Vila with new shops ‘popping’ up. Signs of recovery well and truly.

Tanna coffee is sold almost everywhere, in particular Port Vila. Nice and strong, just how I like it.

No explanation needed.

You can take a ride to almost anywhere on the island and with this van, it was 200-300 Vatu with a couple of ‘hoodies’ – happy to have a chat along the way to Hideaway Island.

They understand it’s the customer’s who’s paying the bills at the end of the day! Good job.

Yes it’s home to the Underwater Post Office, unfortunately washed away with the cyclone. However, it’ll be back …

The ferry’s all loaded up and constantly crosses over to Hideaway with fresh produce and goods.

I wish Sydney Taxis had this on the back of their vehicles. But then again, I’d never be off the phone …

Finished this trip and then back home. Enjoying a glass or two before packing up.

Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu – Part Four

Flight from Port Vila to Santo Island is an easy fifty minutes with Air Vanuatu.

The Manager Dave would like you to feel welcome at the Beachfront Resort, his off sider at Reception is happy to see you as well.

Poolview Beachfront
Pool view at the Beachfront Resort which offers excellent accommodation over looking the sheltered waters of Segond Channel and Aore Island.

Although a bit rainy for a couple of days, it was an easy place to relax in Melanesian-style surroundings. It’s about a ten-minute walk to the township of Luganville.

Or you can take a taxi for about 100 vatu (approx. A$1.25 each way). They drive on the wrong side of the road too – meaning the right-hand side. French influence ‘eh?

First stop is the markets, again fresh vegetables available all day.

These little bananas are as sweet as …

Or you can make new friends over lunch (across from the markets), here with Shahar and Tzvia who are visiting from Melbourne.

Food is fantastic value and very tasty.

Wong store? You might as well go in – lots of bargains.


You can head over to Santo’s Aore Island Resort for the day and have use of the restaurant with wonderful views back towards Luganville.

If you buy lunch, the boat ride over is free. So worth it as the cuisine is delectable and classy!

So what do you do at the end of the day? Head over to HQ Kava Bar with the boss!

Dave ordering us all a round of Kava …

Ummm I think my face says it all … Bit numb later on so not much more to give away about what I think.

P1150377 (2)
All you can do really is sit back, relax and watch others at work on the river while doing some texting – just making sure the world is still a happening place …

Vanuatu “Open for Business”. Port Vila – Part One

Vanuatu – open for business.

NF - Copy - Copy
Air Vanuatu operate several services a week from Sydney with once a week services from Brisbane and Melbourne. They code share with Qantas Airways on these routes.

Less than four hours flying time you’re almost there. Great for anyone wanting an overseas holiday without having to travel long distances.

Says it all …

IMG_9655 (2)
After arriving in Port Vila it’s interesting to walk around the township and see how the locals are coping after Cyclone Pam. However, it’s warming to see people are still smiling and the artwork depicts a resilient, strong culture who refuse to be flattened.
IMG_9659 (2)

The damage has been done, but now everyone’s pulling together, they’ve cleaned up much of the debris and wanting to move on.

The local central school was spared more damage as this uprooted tree was pushed over during the cyclone and missed the main buildings.

Moorings Hotel is located close to the main shopping areas with a brisk ten-minute walk along the foreshore. The bar’s roof was damaged during the cyclone, but that didn’t stop us drinking from under it!

Fresh peanuts from the markets along with a Tusker beer is a fab way to relax.

Walking down to the markets and some teenagers waved to me after their photo was taken.

Lawn bowls not! Played on dirt this will test anyone’s skills, even those who’ve been doing it like this for years.

At the markets I met Miriam who heads up a consortium for those who wish to set up their little eateries – giving them guidance and assistance if need.

She cooks up a dish to your liking. As usual I asked for spicy …

You can’t miss the markets as this is the centre of attention for anything worth eating.


Vanuatu’s national dish is a root vegetable cake called ‘laplap’. It is made from manioc (cassava) grated or shaved into a banana leaf with wild local cabbage and coconut, wrapped into a flat parcel and cooked underground. Generally has a chicken piece laid on the top.

Hmmm, Kava here is bigger and better than anywhere else in the South West Pacific I’m told. I’ll try it later…

Just outside the markets there’s a fantastic view of Iririki Resort which will be operating again early December, 2015.

P1140523 (4)
If you see me walking down the street, see if you can put me in the picture?

At the end of the day, enjoying a fantastic sunset view at Moorings hotel. Very happy to be back in Vanuatu after a few years absence.