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North-east Coast and Wineglass Bay, Tasmania – Australia

Heading out to the north-east coastline of Tasmania offers some of the most amazing forestation you will witness along the way with the refreshing smell of Eucalyptus trees.

And, if you’d ever read the novel ‘Eucalyptus’ you’d think it had been written here. It tells the story of Ellen Holland, a young woman whose “speckled beauty” and unattainability become legend; the man who could correctly name all the species on her father’s property would win her hand in marriage. Tough job as there are more than 700 species of eucalyptus and most are native to Australia being the main staple for koalas.

There’s no shortage of old sand-stone churches along the way either, with old gravesites within the yard making it just a little eerie.

Raspin’s Beach Conservation Reserve is worthy of a stop and admire the view.

Sand shoes hanging tied to the fence just in case you miss the entrance of the Gumleaves Bush Holidays property.

This one’s a little more obvious and just as much fun to look at.

Clean air and clear views all the way. Road heading north on the Great Eastern Drive is quite good and no issues with driving.

Meandering along and a stop at Devil’s Corner allows you a tasting of some of Tassie’s fine wines. A number of Cellar Doors will attest to great local produce and especially cheeses.

Being a cool climate, Pinot Noir is in great demand with vineyards packed with some of that delicious red liquid we all love on occasion. Some of the best grapes are found along the route between Swansea and Bicheno.

Tassie is a photographer’s dream … You’ll see so many opportunities like this one.

After an overnight stay in Bicheno, I’m ready for my Wineglass Bay Cruise and it’s 8:00 am in the morning and one of the most glorious days anyone could ask for.

And as I’m heading out on an organised cruise, this is good advice to anyone contemplating going out on their own. As always, I prefer to be with a company who provides all the necessities and a bit of luxury to enjoy the day out.

Heading out of Coles Bay with Wineglass Bay Cruises, we can see some of the best views of Freycinet National Park of which you might not if travelling by road.

Not too long before we’re making the most of our four-hour trip to Honeymoon Bay.

We were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins and they were racing us for at least 15 minutes! Sidling up to the boat they seemed to be having the best time – not to mention the passengers  who were all ecstatic – including me!

Many of the rock faces have been chiselled by howling winds over the centuries.

It may look cold but once we stopped for lunch it was down to t-shirts and sun glasses. A lot of feldspar or red granite can be seen in the centuries old rock formations.

Pure serenity along the pristine beach areas.

Bird life is prevalent along the coastline with plenty of fish for their own needs.

After relaxing for a number of hours, our day out cruising seemed to fly. Love to go back …

Looking back at Coles Bay you can see the rugged coastline and how fantastic a day out with a cruise could be when exploring all these nooks and crannies. Especially given the commentary and history of the region onboard makes it much more rewarding. Considering there was a Dutch and French influence going back historically to the Freycinet region (hence the name), makes a truly interesting day out.

For enquiries see http://www.wineglassbaycruises.com/

Next stop Launceston.