Back 2 Cowra, NSW Australia – Part 2

Opened in 1979, the multi award-winning Cowra Japanese Garden is a ‘must see’ at any time of the year.

Bonsho Bell – found in Japanese Temples and local shrines, cast from copper and tin alloy. In times gone by they were used to assemble the villagers. Later, they were used to tell the time and became an indispensable factor in the daily lives of the people.

Beautiful gardens throughout. The rocky hillside, manicured hedges, waterfalls,  streams and the two lakes provide a serene environment for a myriad of birdlife.

Peace and calm surrounds the water landscape, take time to explore the five hectares of garden and enjoy its beauty and tranquillity.

An apple crab tree in full blossom. The Garden’s designer Ken Nakajima created the Kaiyushiki (strolling) Garden to symbolise the Japanese landscape.

Walking distance from the Gardens, a bird’s eye view of the township with the district being made up predominately of farming – particularly lambing flats, vineyards and cereal crops.

And of course, Bellevue Hill Reserve is one of Cowra’s most popular parks, here better known as Billy Goat’s Hill due to goats having been kept here some time ago – bet it’s seen more of Cowra than anyone would want to tell …

You might witness a kangaroo or two whilst there …

Understated with superb views, bring a picnic and some vino – now that’s what I call meditation … And it’s free!

Looking towards the Japanese War Cemetery, a visit to the old cemetery of Cowra is just as interesting.

And if you’re wondering about life’s journey, then don’t forget what the St Raphael’s School’s motto is! Just make sure you live your life to its fullest – never let a moment go by, even if it means dancing in the garden with your favourite herbs waving those bunches of flowers around like a microphone and singing to them.

At the Back 2 Cowra week, Saturday was Open Day for all the schools to extend their doors to past and present students. Memories soon came flooding back here undoubtedly – ouch that cane hurt!

Have to admit the Convent is looking immaculate and here’s where some of us learnt guitar, elocution, sewing and many other useful lessons of which most of us remember fondly.

The Chapel was opened in 1938 by the Bishop of Bathurst and though it was closed to all but the nuns for many years, it’s now accessible to current students.

As we remember our teachers, we really did admire them for their tenacity to teach us to be the best we could … However, if you were a footy player and did well at rugby, you might have a blind eye towards your misdemeanours on occasion …

Loved seeing some great photography works by current high school students – truly admirable work.

Walking around the streets, I’m sure these doors across from the Caravan Park could tell a few tales as well.

There’s Vicki again, letting all the Ladies know if you’re waiting for the right bloke it might take as long as the rail line to be opened up again at the Cowra Station. Let’s hope it’s soon.

For car enthusiasts during the Back 2 Cowra week, vintage cars were seen and displayed all around the township. Lots of waving and the traditional Aussie finger salute, it’s a way of saying g’day to each other without talking, usually when driving over vast distances just acknowledging each other.

Visiting my brother Ron, still playing with his cranes … Some boys just never grow up!

The street lights were on … and we did go home – eventually. Well that’s it for Back 2 Cowra 2016 and you’ll have to wait till September 2018 before it returns.

A big thank you to Marc McLeish, Vicki Anderson, Leona Wright, Julie Collins, Jamie Hibberson, Councillors Ray Walsh, Judy Smith, Charlie Thompson, Russell and Cathy Denning and Council Manager Chris Cannard who put this event together after an absence of some years.

Best time to visit Cowra and the Central West NSW is around Autumn and particularly Spring as the blossoms of all native plants such as the Golden Wattle (Australia’s national flower pictured) turns on a magnificent show and takes centre stage throughout the region. You won’t be disappointed.