Quebec City, Quebec Province Canada – Part Two

First thing on the agenda for the day in Quebec City,  and considering it’s across the road from my hotel, I’m marching across to the Market to investigate what’s on offer.

Fresh strawberries to start the day – delicious, juicy and great value!

All kinds of homemade condiments you could imagine. No shortage of quality goods and crafts as well.

From the market, a fresh walk along the foreshore’s boardwalk leads you to the old city. You can see the ships coming in and out of the harbour – just take a seat and the view is astounding doesn’t matter which way you look. The silos light up at night and can be seen from afar – and my hotel.

The figurehead rising up out of the pavement bears food from all around the world in her arms, recalling both Québec’s heyday as a port and the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, which was founded in the city in 1945. She can be found at Place de la FAO in the Old Port.

Yes it’s that time of the year … Here at the Place Royale (Petit-Champlain District), one of the most popular areas to visit with boutique specialty shops, along with galleries and cafes.

Friend Michelle having a chat with one of the local buskers.

One of the first Frescoes painted is Fresque des Quebecois, which show some 30 characters linked to maritime commerce which are depicted of the area’s major events; such as fires, rock slides and bombings, as well as the people who built, commercialized, developed and lived in this district.

Sculpture of a different kind, remember when you found those plastic parts in the cereal boxes and tried to put them together?

Yummy locally-made chocolates shapes of all kinds of different things.

Feeling hungry and L’ ECHAUDE  Restaurant was selected for its wonderful creations using traditional and favourite produce of the region.

For starters, a Tasting Plate  of  ‘Tartare de Saumon‘ which is a cold, savoury fish offering. And, if the presentation and flavours are anything to go by with this one, I can assure you  the main dish was delectable as well!

Time to put on our ‘skates’ and explore some more of the old-town centre. Designated a World Heritage treasure by UNESCO, Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico.

Sitting on top of the hill at Dufferin Terrace is the gorgeous  Château Frontenac offering spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and surrounds.

And the way to go up there –  the Funicular of course is handy – or there’s passages you can walk up as well if you need some exercise to rid all that incredible food’s ability to miraculously creep on  the kilos.

Step off the Funicular and it’s another eye-catching scene, a favourite for locals and tourists  – just-a myriad of charming eateries, bars and shopping outlets to explore. Leave some time to visit the more established sites and monuments in this area.

Beginning to feel the night air coming on, but wait there’s much more we can fit in today.

Food and Wine tasting at the end of the day – and just what I need, more food and wine!

With Phil from my foodie tour and he likes to be known as ‘The Professional Tea Drinker’ (and he’s a writer too see having a coffee with me?
Indeed, there’s no loyalty these days …

P1200661 (2)
I told you the silos on the waterfront would light up in the evening and aiming to please, it does just that.