Vanuatu Local Highlights and Farewell.

High School students from Auckland, NZ giving up a week of their break to volunteer at a local school. They’ll be helping with reading, writing, painting and general assistance with teaching staff.

Feel safe walking around Port Vila with new shops ‘popping’ up. Signs of recovery well and truly.

Tanna coffee is sold almost everywhere, in particular Port Vila. Nice and strong, just how I like it.

No explanation needed.

You can take a ride to almost anywhere on the island and with this van, it was 200-300 Vatu with a couple of ‘hoodies’ – happy to have a chat along the way to Hideaway Island.

They understand it’s the customer’s who’s paying the bills at the end of the day! Good job.

Yes it’s home to the Underwater Post Office, unfortunately washed away with the cyclone. However, it’ll be back …

The ferry’s all loaded up and constantly crosses over to Hideaway with fresh produce and goods.

I wish Sydney Taxis had this on the back of their vehicles. But then again, I’d never be off the phone …

Finished this trip and then back home. Enjoying a glass or two before packing up.