Knott’s Berry Farm, Shopping and Huntington Beach – Part Two

Knott’s Berry Farm is new to me although it’s been around since 1940. The park features 40 rides including roller coasters, family rides, children’s rides, water rides and historical rides.

160 acres of amusement park in Buena Park, California and as the 2014 Global Attractions Attendance Report states, Knott’s Berry Farm is the 13th most visited theme park in North America.

In 1983 Camp Snoopy was added and began the park’s present-day association with the Peanuts characters.

The Silver Bullet was fantastic to watch, I just let the others hop in line ahead of me … Just like to pretend.

With the renovated Boardwalk area, it’s a colourful Coney Island-style fun zone.  If you come along to Knott’s Berry Farm outside of American school holidays, you’ll be amazed at how  easily you’re able to move around without any major line ups.

Legs up! No waving.

After all the excitement, you’ll probably need to refuel.

Lots to choose from …

Don’t believe for a minute this cutesy ride slows down in a hurry.

Train ride by lunchtime is all we need.

I beat Rachel to sit at the back, being wet for sure and not having frizzy hair was the main reason I let her sit in the front …

Can’t go past a good old-fashioned wagon ride.

Lunch and then Rachel is showing me the way at South Coast Plaza to my favourite store in the world – Macy’s. Now the real fun begins.

Once we’ve exhausted our credit on shopping, it’s time for Dukes at Huntington Beach and the choices are sensational.

Even the everyday vendor couldn’t take his eyes off the sunset at Huntington Beach Pier.

Book early to gain a window seat at Dukes, you won’t be disappointed.

Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove Lobby - Copy
After a full day out and because all the hotels are so close together at Garden Grove, thought I’d check out the Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove next door to the Marriott Suites Anaheim. There is a bus stop outside here which takes you to Disneyland if staying at any of these hotels.

Hector_Jarryd Hayne
Glad I did venture over, watching a bit of American footy on TV only to be told an Aussie performer Jarryd Hayne had just redeemed himself on the field. So whilst our Barman doesn’t always look this blurry nor does Jarryd play a star every time I suppose.  I have to say Hector pours an outstanding glass of vino though. Full points!

Much rather stay here than go back and pack for next stop.