Hue to Quang Binh Province, Vietnam – Part Seven

IMG_1342 (2)
Typical sunset in Vietnam – overlooking the Huong River Hue.

An integral part of any travel agent’s expertise is to view hotel rooms and site inspections offering potential clients a first-hand experience of the property.

Site Inspection at the Century Riverside Hotel in Hue which has 135 room and incredible value when you compare the price of hotels outside of Vietnam.

Looking out over the Truong Tien Bridge and fast-flowing Huong River.

One of the most popular attractions in this romantic city, a boat ride or cruise on the “Perfume’ River at night is included in a lot of classic city tours.

Next day we’re heading north to the Quang Binh Province.

Stopped off for a break to find some of Australia’s native trees’ leaves being boiled up. You guessed it … Eucalyptus oil in the making.

It’s ok, we didn’t ‘get high’ on any of it. Just happy to have a pit stop.

The Railway System in Vietnam was established over a hundred years ago by the French colonist in the past century, then recovered and further developed by the Vietnamese Government after the Reunification in 1975. The Vietnamese railway system now has the total length of about 2.600 kilometres, connecting most cities and provinces all over Vietnam including many cultural, societal and tourism destinations from the North to the South of Vietnam.

We’re fast heading towards the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – better known as the ‘Kingdom of Caves’.

A warm welcome from the staff at Sun Spa Resort on the banks of the Nhat Le River.

Lovely Zen feel to this property.

Ummm wish this was my bathroom at home …

2015-03-22 16.26.49
This property is also on the edge of the Bao Ninh Beach.

A delectable bite to eat and the desserts in Vietnam are my favourite, not overly sweet and to be enjoyed with a coffee.

Soon we’ll see the UNESCO World Natural Heriage Site of the Natural Park nearby. Stay tuned.