Venice to Munich by City Night Line (CNL).

City Night Line (CNL) trains are operated by Deutsche Bahn. A wise option by saving the daylight hours and allowing you to rest up, especially if you’ve travelled throughout this region previously.

A three-bed compartment at 55.00 Euro per person is ideal for families. However, you still need to use one day on your Eurail Pass. But the great benefit of departing after 7:00 pm at night you will be able to record the time and use the following day for further travel.
Note: Prices are based on low season and adjustments are made for high season levels. An early reservation is highly recommended.

Second-class seating is comfortable and as little as 12.00 Euro offers value. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if airlines could offer a seat like this? Especially some of those long-haul flights with seating fit for a contortionist …

A couchette with beds for six passengers can be as little as 27.50 Euro per person.

And private facilities for a double will be approximately 75.00 Euro per person. A first-class Pass may only be used to book these cabins. Compulsory reservations are required for all CNL trains. A big thank you to my Conductor Edward who, once had his passengers settled and tickets checked was kind enough to allow me a site inspection of this particular night train. Note to Deutsche Bahn: Keep an eye on this young man as he is a polished professional with a passion for his work.