Venezia (Venice), Italy

I’d made an earlier assertion Avignon’s Saint Bénézet bridge was perhaps the most photographed bridge, however I’d forgotten about the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

The only way home? I wouldn’t want to do this after a big night out …

But then again, you might consider a Gondola ride – very romantic but can be quite costly and here’s a guide for you.
•Gondola fares are standard and set officially and the minimum fares for a standard gondola ride is approximately 80 Euro but rates can go higher.
•A standard gondola ride is 40 minutes so if you negotiate for a lower fare, you’ll end up with a shorter ride.
•Gondola fares are higher at night.
•Gondolas hold six people and can be shared without affecting the fee so you can save money by sharing a tariff with several people.
• If you book a gondola ride through a hotel or agency, there’s likely to be an additional fee built in to the price.

Water Taxi, be it private or shared public is the cheapest and fastest way to make your way around.

20 Euro will allow you to have 24 hours access of water taxis, local buses and the train which shuttles between Maestro and St Lucia Stations – about every 10 minutes. The ticket is activated upon the first time you use it.

Although the island of Venice itself is not famous for glass blowing, the island of Murano, just north of the city is world renowned for glass making.

Nearby Burano’s main claim to fame is its centuries-old lacemaking tradition.

The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival and ends with the Christian celebration of Lent and is famed for its elaborate masks.

Walking around Piazza San Marco whereby there’s no shortage of cafes and restaurants.



St Mark’s Basilica, the whole of the west façade with its great arches and marble decoration cannot be missed.

At 5:30 pm Sunday evening there was a free concert given with the Cathedral’s organ being played with some of Bach’s compositions to a captivated audience.

Cutesy café for a cuppa.

Leather handbags at 43 Euro each, think I’ll have one of each colour at that price!

It’s said Venice is sinking. I checked and it seems the case.

Time to have something to eat and drink myself. Umm so many choices and really cheap by Sydney prices, but then again it’s low season.