Berlin in a Nutshell

Berlin never fails to impress me. It’s from here I decided to stay a couple of days and plan my trip to visit Santa Claus in Lapland Finland.

You can purchase a Berlin Welcome Card with incredible savings for transport and a number of attractions.

At the Brandenburg Gate there is The Room of Silence which is not dedicated to any ideology or religion as anyone may enter to take some time out and reflect and leave aside one’s differences.

Not far from the Brandenburg Gate is The Holocaust Memorial which is reminiscent of tombstones. The sloping ground within is symbolic of the rising upheaval and tumultuous events which took place.

On Stresemannstrasse, there is an outdoor exhibition which showcases some of the various ethnic groups and how they were affected both during and after WWII.



Catching up with long-time ago work mate Belle who now lives in Berlin.

Moving on out and auf wiedersehen on this day. Away I go to Helsinki via Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm Sweden with the Intercity Express.